with a blazing-fast multicore modeling engine


    with a comprehensive, yet minimal API set
      A small, highly optimized multithreaded C++ core delivers ultrafast subdivision and tweaking through a stable, well-defined and consistent design.   Designed as an open platform from the very beginning, Glise features an API set that requires almost no Python knowledge at all. Building unique tools means writing just a few lines of code.  


    hi-quality code and a correct math


    developed from scratch with an elegant design
      Glise makes no compromise between accuracy and quality.   Optimized, precompiled Python modules allow bug-fixes, new tools, file importers, or feature changes to be easily included with a simple download.  


    GPU Heavy

    using the latest cutting-edge technology


    with an easy, minimalistic interface
      Featuring an awesome 100% optimized GPU-intensive rendering engine, Glise unleashes the true power of your graphic hardware.


      Glise features a minimalistic interface that does not stand between you and your work. The learning curve is reduced to a minimum.  
    • Optimized for speed
      designed to handle a HUGE polygon count
    • Real Ambient Occlusion
      real-time true global illumination occlusion
    • Mesh Outlines
      smooth outlines for enhanced silhouette visibility
    • Antialiased Wireframes
      with today's hardware, no more jagged lines


    100% customizable
        Simple XML schemas can be written in a matter of minutes. Include your own icons, define your own colors. Themes can be imported or shared with the community.  

    A Pack of tools

    A large - and open - number of extensions 

    All inclusive

    Pure subdivision modeling, made easy
      Every tool is imported at startup from a single tiny file, the "pack". This optimized precompiled Python module is shipped with Glise and includes everything - from face extrusion to edge connection, from polygon creation to normal flipping. Everything comes in this little 75 Kilobytes module.  
    • Sticky Keys
      enter/exit tools without a single click
    • Tweak Mode
      ultrafast tweaking on preselection
    • Topological Symmetry
      work with symmetrical characters in any pose
    • Custom Shortcuts
      define your own keys for ANYTHING
    • Soft Selection
      smooth selection for organic modeling
    • Unlimited, separated undo queues
      distinct modeling and selection undo queues




    Glise includes a powerful Python editor featuring code completion, syntax highlighting, automatic folding, and any other feature aimed at making Python programming easier.

  • Clean
  • Beautiful
  • Rich

Our Vision

We wanted a subdivision box modeler for 3D sketching organic meshes, without the hassle of dealing with an overly complex user interface.
We wanted a modeler with a strong focus on modeling, and a fast and powerful core.
We wanted it to be open, so that anyone could write unique tools with simple, recurrent API calls.

We developed Glise with these goals in mind, and we are committed to keep on developing our software and listen to our userbase.

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